Toronto’s Historic Music Venues – STA04

Toronto is not always thought of as a prime city for music. Everyone knows about New York City and London giving rise to whole genres and iconic bands. Moreover, cities such as Austin which play host to large music festivals like South by Southwest have become more well known than Toronto for fostering music. However, […]

Website Review – The Russian History Blog

The historical website that I chose is entitled Russian History Blog. As the URL suggests, it is quite a simple blog that deals in various topics of Russian history. When I say quite simple, I mean it in a sense that it is a good example of wordpress standard templates. I think that it is an […]


Here is a link to my STA04 assignment, it was a fun one. Hope it works!


I always thought East Chinatown (over at Gerrard Street and Broadview Avenue) was the first Chinatown of Toronto. However, I discovered there was a hidden Chinatown down by York Street and Queen Street over 130 years ago.

Games and History

As the newest and even perhaps last form of entertainment media, video games present the historian with an interesting set of challenges and opportunities. This weeks readings concentrated on the potential for video games to be used as a learning method within the historical discipline. However before investigating any potential relationship between games and history, […]


Reading through the exchange between Rockwell and Kevin, I couldn’t help thinking their entire dialogue hinged on meaningless word definitions on the words “game” and “play”. The possibility of serious gaming breaking the predefined definition of “game” made by one man or perhaps a new method of using gaming to teach would no longer be […]

Education through Videogames

The effectiveness of videogames in education has always been a topic of interest to me. I remember back in elementary school computers were just being introduced. Loaded onto these computers were Reader Rabbit and various Jumpstart games. These all helped build basic grammar and math skills. What I would like to get to in this […]