Proposals and Ideas

This week has been quite hectic for my part of the project. My main task for the week was to edit our group proposal. While there were some mistakes in it, overall not too much needed to be done to it. It is now ready to be presented to our partners. Speaking of partners this […]

Weekly Project Post 2

Since the last project post,¬†I have made some progress in terms of research. I have completed one of the goals I have set out for myself in the last project post, which was to visit the Vos’ residence to get a clearer idea of the collection.¬†Yesterday, I, along with my group, visited the Vos’ residence […]

Project Update 2

Our group is currently contacting Carol to try to set up a meeting and present our proposal to them. Individually, we’re working towards finishing our research papers. I am trying to get in touch with the MHSO (Multicultural History Society of Ontario) to set a time to go in and take a look at the […]

Toronto Historical Maps Online

There are tonnes of historical maps online here, while the full collection of Goad’s Atlas of the City of Toronto maps can be found here. Both are great resources.

Weekly Project Post 1

Due to not having set out any actual dates yet to carry out our primary and secondary research and a busy schedule this week, my contribution to the project this week was mostly characterized by doing some basic secondary research. As my research (for the essay) over the break was mainly on G.I. Joe action […]

Project Update 1

After meeting the Cabbagetown and Regent Park Community Museum directors Sally Gibson and Carol Moore-Ede last week, our group now has a clear direction of what we want this project to be and a sense of how the project is going to be executed. Following our presentation last week, we are now working on completing […]