Campbell House Update #7

This past week has been pretty productive. I have filled in most parts of the website. The main source of the information was taken from the Campbell House website. Some information, such as the mission statement, or accessibility information was taken directly from their website. These pages are the ones I am not really able to edit. Other pages such as directions to the Campbell House I have written myself.

On Tuesday after class we also visited the Campbell House in order to do some research. My main focus while there was the actual move of the house. It turned out to be extremely useful. There were multiple primary documents at my disposal. The most interesting of these were the letters between the Advocates society and historical organizations prior to the move. All of this information was unavailable in books at Robarts. A few of the more interesting facts that I found include:

  • The actual route that the house took was from its original location (Adelaide and Frederick), westbound on Adelaide (against traffic), and then northbound on University (on the southbound side).
  • The house was moved a total of 5,305 feet at 815ft per second.
  • There were early proposals to move the house to 346/348 Simcoe.
  • The saving of the house was first spurred in 1970, when a neighbourhood group came to the Advocates society for legal assistance to save the house.

For this week I have a few things that I want to work on/complete. Firstly I wan to start work on a sidebar for the homepage. I would like it to include a Facebook feed as well as a twitter feed. If possible I would also include a widget for the events calendar that we have on the website. I will also be going over my written history sections, editing them, and making the needed corrections. Lastly, I will be going over all the pages making corrections as I start to notice them.

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