March 16th update

The Museum of Childhood had a relatively productive week. We’ve finished upĀ editing the photographs and will hopefully replace the old ones on the website by the middle of this week. Apart from that, we have added some additional text on the artifact pages and put up an interim home page which should not be too different from the final version.
We have edited the midterm review paper but are yet to send it to Mickey and Loet as we were considering going back to the museum to update them in person later this week (as well as get additional photographs if need be).
Next steps are pretty straightforward for now - continue adding pages and information regarding the existing artifacts and pages. The layout of the website is largely finalized. The bottom navigation is on its way out.

Personally, I would be interested in going over the formatting for mobile devices, as currently I am not quite satisfied with the way the site works on mobiles.

One Response to “March 16th update”

  1. Matt Price

    I think mobile device display is a great topic, so let’s discuss media queries today — good idea. It will have to be somewhat exploratory, since the media queries that govern Foundation are somewhat complex, and may be a little hard to track down.

    On the “toy vehicles” page, maybe you should mention something about toy trains and their durability? I know you don’t discuss them on the site, and they’re not a strength of the collection, but they must be an important antecedent of toy cars.

    In general, the site is looking great, but still has some missing pages that need to be added. In the ocming week I’ll give a more detailed, copy-editing-style reading of all the sites.


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