Weekly Project Post 8

This week my contribution to the project has been updating the Japanese Dolls section to the website. Although I have largely completed this, there are a couple of paragraphs that I need to include within as well. For example, I need to include paragraphs giving details about Japanese nesting dolls and Japanese paper dolls. However, before I can do this I must have a look at the photographs we have taken of the Japanese dolls. I believe I can finish all of this within class time, as I can access some photographs from there. Also, I need to update the G.I. Joe pictures within the website. Creating captions for each of the pictures will not be a difficult task based on the fact that I have the names for most of items that we took pictures of.

I should note that it was quite difficult in doing the research for Japanese dolls because it required for me to go to the Far Eastern Library at ROM on more than one occasion; Robarts does not contain as much books on Japanese dolls as the Far Eastern Library, which has an abundance of textbooks on this topic. The Far Eastern Library does not permit undergraduate students to borrow books at their leisure and thus I had to transcribe what was in the textbooks and use them in my writing at a later date.

Additionally, after completing what I outlined in the first paragraph, I can focus on the midterm report and our group as a whole can focus on going to the Loets’ Residence and do some clean up if need be. After this stage, we should be fairly complete with our website and research and we can then think about plans on how we will be presenting our work to the class.

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  1. Matt Price

    Glad to see yo ugetting out to the Far Eastern library — that is the kind of work that should make these projects more fun. You guys are definitely getting close — as I indicated to Aidar I iwll give the site a careful reading later this week, perhaps waiting till Friday so you can implement a few more changes first.


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