Campbell House Update #8

The website is finally coming together. It’s been amazing to see it being built and populated with information. This past week in class the website layout almost took its final form. On the homepage a sidebar had been integrated. In the sidebar we have included a twitter feed for the Campbell House, as well as an event feed for upcoming events at the Campbell House. The biggest website feature that still needs to be completed however, is the footer. We have decided, as per Matt’s advice, to put this off for a later week, as at this point it is more important for us to be focusing on the content of the website.

Due to this in the last week I have focused primarily on finishing the writing of content for the website. I have finished typing out both the history of the house, as well as all the details involving the moving of the house. Alongside this I have written out a smaller blurb on less significant historical aspects of the house. The two topics I wrote about is the changing Toronto around the Campbell house, as well as a small paragraph about the art and furniture in the house. Art and furniture is the one topic I have written the least about, as it is not my area of study. However, there was one extremely useful document that I was able to find at the Campbell house that most of my information came from.

For the coming week I will continue focusing on content for the website. While most of the content is written, all of it is in its rough draft form. This means that it is probably full of grammatical errors, as well as spelling mistakes. The upcoming week will be dedicated to going over all of my topics, and proofreading them to make sure that everything flows nicely. Alongside this I will be looking over general pages as well to catch any errors that may have been included.

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