Weekly Project Post 9

This week I have made a fair amount of contribution to the project. I have essentially finished the subsection on Japanese dolls, the subsection on G.I. Joe action figures, and action figures section. Firstly, for the Japanese dolls section what I did was added some more texts in the description,  uploaded some of the photographs (unfortunately photographs wherein I could not identify the dolls were not chosen), and added the captions for each of the photographs. Secondly, for the G.I. Joe action figures I uploaded the photographs and added the captions for each of the photographs. Lastly, for the action figures section I added an overview of action figures with some sources below the description; the overview section was quite brief, as my intention was not to give an expansive history of action figures but more of a broad idea of what an idea figure is, the significance they made to society and culture, and what direction they are currently heading; it is a possibility that I reedit some of the textual content for the action figures section. Following this I would like to talk about what is left to be done.

We still need to work some of the remaining incomplete sections, which are not much, as we have already made substantial progress on most parts of the website. Kylie has informed me that she can do the overview of the doll section. As for me, what I can possibly do is add more textual content to some of my sections and I may have to go and reedit my sections so that the citations are done properly and there is no grammar errors. Additionally, if time permits I can add a couple of more photographs for the Japanese dolls but this would mean I would need to be able to add descriptions for these dolls, which I have yet to identify due to the difficulty in identifying them.

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