Campbell House Update #9

Coming into the final weeks of the class is pretty exciting. When I came into the class one of my biggest question was how I’d be able to do it. Coming into the class I had absolutely no experience in web design, or coding. However, throughout the course I have learned quite a lot. The best thing about the course is that a lot of the lessons are extremely practical, and I can implement them for use in real world cases as well.

In regards to what I did this past week, I have finished all of my writing for the website. The hardest part was writing about the art and furniture found within the house. This was a problem for two main reasons. Firstly, I could not find too much information on the topics. The main piece of information was found in the will of Sir William Campbell. In it he stated that all silverware and jewelry was to be given to his wife. However, he made almost no mention about any of the other parts of his house. Secondly, it is a topic in which I have almost no experience in. Throughout my four years at University I have never taken a course on Art history, or done any research on the topic. For this reason the paragraph is a brief stub that the Campbell House can expand in the future if they would like to.

For the upcoming week I will be looking over the site and looking for any mistakes that I can find. Also, I have implemented a slideshow application on one of the pages that should show a slideshow of images. However, it is not displaying the properly/the way I would like it to. It is my goal for the week to fix that and make it look good. Other than that I will just be focusing on fixing the smaller details of the website.

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  1. Matt Price

    Hi Daniel,

    It is definitely coming along! I am sure the problems with the slider can be fixed relatively easily. I see some more text that still needs to be added:

    – maps page: an explanation at the top of what the map is, why we should care, and how to use it
    – house timeline: some description of what broader insights this timeline might ocnvey, how it sheds light on the history of Toronto, etc.
    – in general, it’s a little odd tha tthe Types trial is hardly mentioned on the site — doesn’t htat deserve its own page? Maybe Jeremy M. is taking care of that?

    Good work, I am excited for the final product.


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