Website Update

Over the past two weeks the Cabbagetown website has made a lot of progress, and the long form format is finally coming along.


This week, my focus was on creating a unified theme for the website. There are a lot of housekeeping information to deal with for the Cabbagetown Museum: Donation request, volunteer pages, hours and directions, etc. Since the majority of our pages follow the long-form format (ie: this page ), I went back to these administrative pages and tried to implement a similar style.


Cabbagetown has a large collection of different exhibitions, and it was a bit of work to get at least a majority of the content onto the website. This week, I focused on tidying up the collections pages. I finalized the “Close to Home” exhibition pages. Originally, I was going to crop out each image of from the pdf posters and place them onto the page. However, after creating the title images for the exhibition, I realized it would take too long, so instead, I opted to just attaching the original print posters as jpegs onto the pages.

We also connected with our project partners, Carol and Sally, with an update on where we are and where we hope to be in two weeks, when we present the website to the class.

Still to do on our list: finish the home page and input content on another page. I am still trying to place together a coherent narrative for the revitalization project for the website, but that should be done within the next couple of days. In terms of the home page, we are going to add a few widgets and fix the middle column to display just featured images.  

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  1. Matt Price

    Thanks for the update, Mike. I’m glad you’ve been in touch with your partners, that’s important. The site certainly is coming along, and htere’s a lot more stuff on the site than last week. It’s a little bit disprganized, especially on the home page, but I am very hopeful you can fix that up.

    One more technical issue: the menus seem to be broken on your site. I don’t remember that being the case a week ago. Maybe you guys can go back and try to figureo ut when that first happened & revert the change!! Good luck!


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