STA 02 — Theming WordPress

WordPress is a sophisticated “Content Management System” that uses a database to store your content, and a set of short programs written in the PHP programming language to present that content in a consistent manner. THere are many parts to this PHP "engine", but one of the most important, and easiest to manipulate, is called a theme. WordPress themes are potentially very powerful, but they can also be quite simple. In this exercise we will start modify a very, very simple theme, changing the colour scheme and layout of your website's presentation.

1 Assignment

Create a simple WordPress theme to commemmorate a fictitious historical event:

  • the Unicorn apocalypse
  • Invasion of Russia by NATO, 2015
  • Canadian Victory in the War of 1812
  • Defeat of Roman armies by Pyrrhus of Epirus
  • etc.

Base the theme o n the starter theme we worked on earlier in class.

As much as possible, you should match the aesthetics of the theme to your made-up content. Give your sigte a little bit of structure to fill out the menus and so forth. Have fun, but produce something that you find reasonably compelling.