March 16th update

The Museum of Childhood had a relatively productive week. We’ve finished up editing the photographs and will hopefully replace the old ones on the website by the middle of this week. Apart from that, we have added some additional text on the artifact pages and put up an interim home page which should not be too […]

Toy cars update

For the last two weeks we’ve been doing more photography and research associated with the items we’ve photographed along with some playing around with the website. Recently we’ve found a delicious box that was full of toy cars. For my part I’ve been trying to find the information on the cars from that box by […]

Website Review – The Russian History Blog

The historical website that I chose is entitled Russian History Blog. As the URL suggests, it is quite a simple blog that deals in various topics of Russian history. When I say quite simple, I mean it in a sense that it is a good example of wordpress standard templates. I think that it is an […]


Here is a link to my STA04 assignment, it was a fun one. Hope it works!

A story of a graph

The readings today all deal with a rather interesting historical medium – that of visualization of data through things like graphs and trees. I, of course, have had to deal with various graphs and tables when studying history but for me they were always too close to the realm of exact sciences such as mathematics […]

A different breed of websites

A hurdle I have with designing historical websites is that I am not a good designer, period, much less a good web designer. However, it does seem to be the case that the historical websites are by and large created by historians themselves which seems to lead to somewhat shoddy design. In this sense, Designing for the […]

Destruction by Public Domain

I should start off by saying that I am not particularly in favour of widespread open access. Information sharing on the internet in and of itself is a great thing and it is, in all probability, promotes greater spread of information and knowledge. However, I simply do not see it being a viable alternative to the […]

The importance of Oral History

First of all, I am sorry for somewhat of a late entry, I’ve had some internet difficulties at home at could only upload this from campus. The readings for today all touched upon oral history. During my academic life I’ve only had a chance to deal with the popular sort of oral history as is […]

I don’t know what the fuss is all about

This week’s readings provide an interesting contrast, with some pieces voicing a concern that the internet and its huge wealth of easily-accessible information is changing the way we are thinking, and with the other ones providing tips on how best to conduct one’s research through the world wide web. However, one theme that all the […]