Campbell House Update #9

Coming into the final weeks of the class is pretty exciting. When I came into the class one of my biggest question was how I’d be able to do it. Coming into the class I had absolutely no experience in web design, or coding. However, throughout the course I have learned quite a lot. The […]

Campbell House Update #8

The website is finally coming together. It’s been amazing to see it being built and populated with information. This past week in class the website layout almost took its final form. On the homepage a sidebar had been integrated. In the sidebar we have included a twitter feed for the Campbell House, as well as […]

Campbell House Update #7

This past week has been pretty productive. I have filled in most parts of the website. The main source of the information was taken from the Campbell House website. Some information, such as the mission statement, or accessibility information was taken directly from their website. These pages are the ones I am not really able […]

Campbell House Update #6

This past week I finished up both the history of the house, as well as typed up all the information about the move of the house. Writing about the move has been the most interesting part of the project for me so far. It is amazing to think about the amount of planning and work […]

Campbell House Update #5

This last week has been the week in which I have done the most so far. I had quite a bit of success in working on the website last week in class. I have also made considerable progress on the written parts for my section of the website. There are a few problems that I […]

Campbell House Update #4

Reading week was a refreshing break from my weekly work of school. However, I was not able to accomplish as much work as I would have liked to for this class since I had to focus on assignments for my other classes. I did manage to brainstorm a broad outline of the parts of my […]

Campbell House Update #3

The mapping workshop last week was extremely helpful for my project. Back in second year I took an introduction to GIS class, however I have forgotten almost all that I learned in that class. It was helpful to get a refresher, and learn how to use ArcGIS/ArcMap again. It was really helpful to see the […]

Campbell House Update #2

This past week our group has made quite a lot of progress. The biggest thing that we managed to accomplish is actually meeting with our partner. I believe that the meeting went quite well. The most beneficial part of the meeting was definitely finding out more exact parts that they required for the website. It […]

Proposals and Ideas

This week has been quite hectic for my part of the project. My main task for the week was to edit our group proposal. While there were some mistakes in it, overall not too much needed to be done to it. It is now ready to be presented to our partners. Speaking of partners this […]

Education through Videogames

The effectiveness of videogames in education has always been a topic of interest to me. I remember back in elementary school computers were just being introduced. Loaded onto these computers were Reader Rabbit and various Jumpstart games. These all helped build basic grammar and math skills. What I would like to get to in this […]