Games and History

As the newest and even perhaps last form of entertainment media, video games present the historian with an interesting set of challenges and opportunities. This weeks readings concentrated on the potential for video games to be used as a learning method within the historical discipline. However before investigating any potential relationship between games and history, […]

Visualizations and History

There is no doubt that visualizations can aid historical presentation. The ability to present quantitative or even qualitative information in an easy to comprehend manner is useful to all branches within history in some fashion. A better question to investigate is how history may be assisted with visual techniques. For chapter one of Graphs Maps and Trees, it […]

Function and Form in Historical Websites

Web design, similar to most types of design, is the product of a difficult balance between aesthetics and functionality. Digital history, as discussed in the reading for this week, presents an unique set of challenges to the web designer seeking to maximize the utility of their historical website. The end goal of he historical website […]

On Historical Practice and Oral History

Alessandro Portelli sets forth in his piece “What Makes Oral History Different” to promote oral history as uniquely suited to improve historical practice. It is true, as Portelli argues, that interviews can capture the essence of a person that other forms of historical research cannot. There remains no other form of research that can provide […]

History’s “Outsider’s” and Professional Standards

It seems obvious that public history should reach the public, as Benjamin Filene states in the opening statement for his essay Passionate Histories: “Outsider” History-Makers and What They Teach Us. After all, as I see it, the public in the broadest sense owns and is collectively responsible its own history; historians merely toil on this […]

Course Introduction: Jeremy Matos-Modell

Hello, world. This is Jeremy Matos-Modell. I am a fifth year history specialist. I am interested in exploring the different technical ways to present history so hopefully this class should be a good fit. I am also interested in analytics and data science and I have some coding experience with Python, C++, R, and HTML; […]