Reading Week Campbell

I found the time to head over to the Toronto Reference Library and looked through all the city directories from the time Campbell died until the house moved. Hence I have a near complete list of all the old residents of the house. The only parts missing are the mid 1800s where there are no […]

Campbell Update #2

Trying out different timeline plugins to see which is the best. Will be meeting Campbell House this week probably to look at their archives on old residents of the house. Currently installed a plugin called Timeline Express on WordPress but trying to see if I can change it so the timeline is not announcement only […]

Project Update

Just a small update on progress. Our group met with Campbell House on Tuesday and discussed what they would like on the site. As for the portion I am currently looking into, the past residents of Campbell House, we came to a conclusion that a timeline with links leading towards separate pages or perhaps popups […]


Reading through the exchange between Rockwell and Kevin, I couldn’t help thinking their entire dialogue hinged on meaningless word definitions on the words “game” and “play”. The possibility of serious gaming breaking the predefined definition of “game” made by one man or perhaps a new method of using gaming to teach would no longer be […]

Visualization and the Public

Graphs and maps in particular have always been daunting to me. The more complex and cluttered they are, the more I tend to ignore the image and read the text underneath. Adding onto my mediocre map reading skills, on occasions these aids which are designed as “a way to enhance the presentation of arguments, moving […]

Audience, Flexibility and Feedback

For history websites it really comes down to the balance between content and design. Operating under the assumption of no external costs for web design and finite time to present the website, for your average historian to be able to present high quality extensive research in addition to an amazing website would be difficult. Therefore […]

Website Review: Edwardian Promenade While looking for a more interesting history website to present amidst the bland and dull historical archives I usually use, I came across this wonderful site called the Edwardian Promenade. Created in 2007 and continuing on today, the Edwardian Promenade started off as a WordPress blog that grew large enough to stand on its […]

Responsibility of the Interviewer

As I scraped out a portion of this week’s reading, “Learning to Listen” from Google Books before receiving the email, I will be basing the majority of this week’s post on that article. From the limited amount of text I was first able to read , it would appear that the author is addressing the […]

We are how we read

I don’t know anything about biology or the development of our brains but I can certainly attest to the experiences mentioned in Carr’s Is Google Making Us Stupid? The difficulties in focusing on long readings, the tendency to skim past long texts and sift through large amounts of information are probably pretty common among a […]