Weekly Project Post 9

This week I have made a fair amount of contribution to the project. I have essentially finished the subsection on Japanese dolls, the subsection on G.I. Joe action figures, and action figures section. Firstly, for the Japanese dolls section what I did was added some more texts in the description,  uploaded some of the photographs […]

Weekly Project Post 8

This week my contribution to the project has been updating the Japanese Dolls section to the website. Although I have largely completed this, there are a couple of paragraphs that I need to include within as well. For example, I need to include paragraphs giving details about Japanese nesting dolls and Japanese paper dolls. However, […]

Weekly Project Post 7

My most recent contribution to the project has been writing the introduction and dolls section for the interim report, and researching content about the Japanese dolls. In regards to the latter, I have visited the Far Eastern Library at ROM, as many textbooks on Japanese dolls were exclusive to ROM and could not be found […]

Weekly Project Post 6

Our group has made a significant amount of progress this week, as we took pictures of the G.I. Joe action figures, the Japanese dolls the Nesbitt dolls, children’s clothing, and toy cars at the Vos’ residence last Friday. On the subject of visiting the Museum of Childhood, we may need to do one more visit […]

Weekly Project Post 5

My main contribution to the project this week is adding textual content to the G.I. Joe section of the Museum of Childhood website; the textual content that was added was essentially a descriptive overview of the G.I. Joe that had citations. I found the process of writing the textual content for the G.I. Joe section […]

Weekly Project Post 4

Since the last post, I have made three contributions to the project: 1) creating a Facebook group for our group and 2) identifying the accompanying accessories of some of the G.I. Joe dolls. Firstly, although a Facebook group was created for the class as a whole, I felt that it was more appropriate to have […]

Weekly Project Post 3

This week our group as a whole made some progress on the project. We scheduled an appointment with Mickey on Sunday afternoon to take high-quality photographs of some of the items in the collection; the high-quality photographs will be incorporated in the Museum of Childhood website. At the house, we were able to take photographs […]

Weekly Project Post 2

Since the last project post, I have made some progress in terms of research. I have completed one of the goals I have set out for myself in the last project post, which was to visit the Vos’ residence to get a clearer idea of the collection. Yesterday, I, along with my group, visited the Vos’ residence […]

Weekly Project Post 1

Due to not having set out any actual dates yet to carry out our primary and secondary research and a busy schedule this week, my contribution to the project this week was mostly characterized by doing some basic secondary research. As my research (for the essay) over the break was mainly on G.I. Joe action […]