March 30th update: Creating a help page

A lot of the work I did on our site this week was creating content for our help page. Ken and Matt worked on this last class, adding a menu item to the wordpress admin bar (meaning that the page is only visible and accessible when logged into the site). I used screenshots of the […]

Thoughts on typography

Rather than sharing details about our work this week (largely focused on photo editing and writing our midterm report), I thought I would share some of my thoughts and ideas about typographic decisions for our site. I’ve worked with Google fonts before and have found it to be an amazing resource for free, easy to […]

March 2nd update

The Museum of Childhood group had a pretty productive week this week. We went back to the museum to take some more photos, including some of the clothing, Japanese Dolls, and GI Joe action figures. I’m pretty pleased with the doll and action figure photos, but I wish we had better resources (ex. mannequins) for […]

Reading week update

I spent most of reading week working on the photos we’ve taken so far. We were pretty careful in setting up our lighting and background, so I’m just doing minor tweaks to brighten the whites and make the colours a bit closer to what they’d look like normally. Here’s a before and after: Hopefully we’ll […]

A bit of writing (Feb. 9th update)

I’ve been doing some writing about a large collection of dolls within the Museum of Childhood’s collection this week. Here’s what I’ve written for the collection topic page so far. I’ve drawn the information from a book written by the creator of the line. We’ll also have an information page for each doll from the […]

This week’s update

Our group did a lot of artifact sorting, identification, and photography this week. At this point, we’ve managed to photograph about 25-50% of what we’d like on the website. I’ve been sorting through the photos over the last few days so that I can make some minor cropping/exposure edits. Once this is done, with the […]

Gaming and History

This week’s readings regarding gaming and history link back to our previous discussion about public history and how to balance the demands of the public and our own ethical concerns about accuracy and thorough historical research as academics. Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell argues in his debate with Kevin Kee that the entire concept of “serious games” […]

GIS and postmodern scholarship?

In History and GIS: Implications for the Discipline, David Bodenhamer suggests that one reason for historians’ hesitation to use technology in their research is due to the non-ambiguous nature of computers. History, he suggests, uses narrative in ways which are inherently ambiguous- historians can use a variety of techniques to draw attention to or away […]

Web design, history, and skepticism

In Designing for the History Web, Cohen and Rosenzweig begin to explore some of the issues and tensions surrounding designing web-based media for historical content. One of the most interesting things that they touch on in their introduction is the idea of design playing a role in the credibility of a historical website. They suggest […]