Customizing Admin Toolbar to provide Extra Help

Here are two quick snippets of code to change the admin toolbar for your partners. I find them both useful – let’s discuss in class. (note: you will of course have to CREATE A MENU in the Appearance –> Menu interface in the WordPress admin area.)

Crunch Time!

Hey folks! I’m really looking forward to these projects coming together! What do you need in class tomorrow to support you as you move towards a final push?

WordPress Typography

I am lousy at typograpy, but will do my best to provide a simple guide here. Basic principles of typography You should really ask someone else, but here are some basics: fonts look different on-screen than on paper most default web fonts are ugly while many font prettiness characteristics are general (kerning, proportionality, line-height, x-height, […]

Thinking about Layout

Daniel has requested that we spend some time this week thinking about site layout. This is a somewhat broad question, actually, so let’s divide it into component parts. Basics At the most basic level, layout, like other elements of presentation is largely controlled by CSS, and the CSS is, for us, generated from the Foundation […]

A better maps solution (brutal)

This process consumed far more cycles than I intended, or than it ought to have. While in principle simple, the construction of an overlay layer for online maps is currently an elaborate process. Choosing between plugins, between overlay types, and between map types is rather bewildering. In the end, I have a solution that I […]

More about adding overlays to maps

Whew, this turned out to be a killer! It is not very easy to get information from a standalone GIS program into google maps – in fact, it’s crazy hard! options We have two sets of options: which mapping framework do we use, Google Maps or Leaflet? What kind of overlay do we create – […]

Toronto Historical Maps Online

There are tonnes of historical maps online here, while the full collection of Goad’s Atlas of the City of Toronto maps can be found here. Both are great resources.

Reflections on Crowdsourcing

THanks to everyone who posted on the topic of crowdsourcing. Reading your blogs, it seems to me there are a few themes that recur, around which we should probably structure our conversation: “What constitutes a real historical practice?”, as Marsden Brooks asks (thx to Ken esp) Crowsdourcing and Community (this is my own primary interest […]