March 30th update: Creating a help page

A lot of the work I did on our site this week was creating content for our help page. Ken and Matt worked on this last class, adding a menu item to the wordpress admin bar (meaning that the page is only visible and accessible when logged into the site). I used screenshots of the […]

Website Update

Over the past two weeks the Cabbagetown website has made a lot of progress, and the long form format is finally coming along.   This week, my focus was on creating a unified theme for the website. There are a lot of housekeeping information to deal with for the Cabbagetown Museum: Donation request, volunteer pages, […]

Campbell House Update #9

Coming into the final weeks of the class is pretty exciting. When I came into the class one of my biggest question was how I’d be able to do it. Coming into the class I had absolutely no experience in web design, or coding. However, throughout the course I have learned quite a lot. The […]

Customizing Admin Toolbar to provide Extra Help

Here are two quick snippets of code to change the admin toolbar for your partners. I find them both useful – let’s discuss in class. (note: you will of course have to CREATE A MENU in the Appearance –> Menu interface in the WordPress admin area.)

Weekly Project Post 9

This week I have made a fair amount of contribution to the project. I have essentially finished the subsection on Japanese dolls, the subsection on G.I. Joe action figures, and action figures section. Firstly, for the Japanese dolls section what I did was added some more texts in the description,  uploaded some of the photographs […]

Campbell House Update #8

The website is finally coming together. It’s been amazing to see it being built and populated with information. This past week in class the website layout almost took its final form. On the homepage a sidebar had been integrated. In the sidebar we have included a twitter feed for the Campbell House, as well as […]

Weekly Project Post 8

This week my contribution to the project has been updating the Japanese Dolls section to the website. Although I have largely completed this, there are a couple of paragraphs that I need to include within as well. For example, I need to include paragraphs giving details about Japanese nesting dolls and Japanese paper dolls. However, […]

March 16th update

The Museum of Childhood had a relatively productive week. We’ve finished up editing the photographs and will hopefully replace the old ones on the website by the middle of this week. Apart from that, we have added some additional text on the artifact pages and put up an interim home page which should not be too […]

Crunch Time!

Hey folks! I’m really looking forward to these projects coming together! What do you need in class tomorrow to support you as you move towards a final push?

Campbell House Update #7

This past week has been pretty productive. I have filled in most parts of the website. The main source of the information was taken from the Campbell House website. Some information, such as the mission statement, or accessibility information was taken directly from their website. These pages are the ones I am not really able […]