Weekly Project Post 7

My most recent contribution to the project has been writing the introduction and dolls section for the interim report, and researching content about the Japanese dolls. In regards to the latter, I have visited the Far Eastern Library at ROM, as many textbooks on Japanese dolls were exclusive to ROM and could not be found […]

Thoughts on typography

Rather than sharing details about our work this week (largely focused on photo editing and writing our midterm report), I thought I would share some of my thoughts and ideas about typographic decisions for our site. I’ve worked with Google fonts before and have found it to be an amazing resource for free, easy to […]

Campbell House Update #6

This past week I finished up both the history of the house, as well as typed up all the information about the move of the house. Writing about the move has been the most interesting part of the project for me so far. It is amazing to think about the amount of planning and work […]

WordPress Typography

I am lousy at typograpy, but will do my best to provide a simple guide here. Basic principles of typography You should really ask someone else, but here are some basics: fonts look different on-screen than on paper most default web fonts are ugly while many font prettiness characteristics are general (kerning, proportionality, line-height, x-height, […]

Weekly Project Post 6

Our group has made a significant amount of progress this week, as we took pictures of the G.I. Joe action figures, the Japanese dolls the Nesbitt dolls, children’s clothing, and toy cars at the Vos’ residence last Friday. On the subject of visiting the Museum of Childhood, we may need to do one more visit […]

March 2nd update

The Museum of Childhood group had a pretty productive week this week. We went back to the museum to take some more photos, including some of the clothing, Japanese Dolls, and GI Joe action figures. I’m pretty pleased with the doll and action figure photos, but I wish we had better resources (ex. mannequins) for […]

Campbell House Update #5

This last week has been the week in which I have done the most so far. I had quite a bit of success in working on the website last week in class. I have also made considerable progress on the written parts for my section of the website. There are a few problems that I […]

Thinking about Layout

Daniel has requested that we spend some time this week thinking about site layout. This is a somewhat broad question, actually, so let’s divide it into component parts. Basics At the most basic level, layout, like other elements of presentation is largely controlled by CSS, and the CSS is, for us, generated from the Foundation […]

A better maps solution (brutal)

This process consumed far more cycles than I intended, or than it ought to have. While in principle simple, the construction of an overlay layer for online maps is currently an elaborate process. Choosing between plugins, between overlay types, and between map types is rather bewildering. In the end, I have a solution that I […]

Reading Week Campbell

I found the time to head over to the Toronto Reference Library and looked through all the city directories from the time Campbell died until the house moved. Hence I have a near complete list of all the old residents of the house. The only parts missing are the mid 1800s where there are no […]