Campbell House Update #4

Reading week was a refreshing break from my weekly work of school. However, I was not able to accomplish as much work as I would have liked to for this class since I had to focus on assignments for my other classes. I did manage to brainstorm a broad outline of the parts of my […]

Reading Week Update

This week, for me, was a bit of a challenge. As our group initially discussed, we wanted to put a series of images on the home page in an image slider. We got the images from the museum a couple days before reading week, so I tried setting up the image slider with FlexSlider, but […]

Weekly Project Post 5

My main contribution to the project this week is adding textual content to the G.I. Joe section of the Museum of Childhood website; the textual content that was added was essentially a descriptive overview of the G.I. Joe that had citations. I found the process of writing the textual content for the G.I. Joe section […]

Reading week update

I spent most of reading week working on the photos we’ve taken so far. We were pretty careful in setting up our lighting and background, so I’m just doing minor tweaks to brighten the whites and make the colours a bit closer to what they’d look like normally. Here’s a before and after: Hopefully we’ll […]

Campbell Update #2

Trying out different timeline plugins to see which is the best. Will be meeting Campbell House this week probably to look at their archives on old residents of the house. Currently installed a plugin called Timeline Express on WordPress but trying to see if I can change it so the timeline is not announcement only […]

More about adding overlays to maps

Whew, this turned out to be a killer! It is not very easy to get information from a standalone GIS program into google maps – in fact, it’s crazy hard! options We have two sets of options: which mapping framework do we use, Google Maps or Leaflet? What kind of overlay do we create – […]

Weekly Project Post 4

Since the last post, I have made three contributions to the project: 1) creating a Facebook group for our group and 2) identifying the accompanying accessories of some of the G.I. Joe dolls. Firstly, although a Facebook group was created for the class as a whole, I felt that it was more appropriate to have […]

Toy cars update

For the last two weeks we’ve been doing more photography and research associated with the items we’ve photographed along with some playing around with the website. Recently we’ve found a delicious box that was full of toy cars. For my part I’ve been trying to find the information on the cars from that box by […]

Campbell House Update #3

The mapping workshop last week was extremely helpful for my project. Back in second year I took an introduction to GIS class, however I have forgotten almost all that I learned in that class. It was helpful to get a refresher, and learn how to use ArcGIS/ArcMap again. It was really helpful to see the […]

A bit of writing (Feb. 9th update)

I’ve been doing some writing about a large collection of dolls within the Museum of Childhood’s collection this week. Here’s what I’ve written for the collection topic page so far. I’ve drawn the information from a book written by the creator of the line. We’ll also have an information page for each doll from the […]