STA 03 – Foundation

For this short technical assignment, I would like you to switch your perosnal from your home-grown theme to the advanced Foundation framework we’ll beworkingwith in our real projects. Please do the following:

  • activate the Grunterie theme in the theme browser, using the WP admin interface
  • customize the grid size for large screens using SASS variables in scss/_settings.scss
  • customize the color scheme using SASS variables in scss/_settings.scss
  • change the width of the sidebar using the Foundation class system, in index.php, single.php, and sidebar.php.
  • understand the construction of small, medium, and large sizes by looking at those variables in scss/_settings.css
  • resture your cool customizations from before this change (that is, add the appropriate bakcground images & elements, etc.)
  • *learn about the reveal and accordion features in foundation, and try to implement them briefly in jsbin.